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Like Me Please! Leveraging Instagram

We all want to be liked. Liked by our peers, by our co-workers and liked on social networks such as Instagram. When it boils down to it though, what we really want is to sell our product to those “likers”. Maybe you’ve tried in the past and haven’t succeeded or possibly didn’t know where to start. Before becoming the CEO and founder of Bharat Babies, Sailaja N. Joshi helped numerous businesses with their marketing efforts. She will use her past experiences and knowledge of growing her own business on Instagram to provide a proven method to leveraging those followers and getting them to buy what you’re selling!


Sailaja N. Joshi has been a passionate volunteer in the Hindu Youth community for over twenty years and is an accomplished academic with degrees from Northeastern University, Harvard University, and Simmons College. She has also worked with multiple startups, helping them to refine their brand identity and develop their marketing communications. Sailaja’s recent transition to founder and CEO of Bharat Babies is, therefore, a natural extension of her prior interests and expertise. Her ambition is to have Bharat Babies be an active participant in the field of multicultural children’s literature, with a focus on cultivating a set of unique educational materials that address the needs of the growing Asian-Indian diaspora.